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    quienes 1PharmaBrand, is a pharmaceutical company founded in 2000 with the acquisition of Schering Plough pharmaceutical plant of Ecuador. PharmaBrand is an Ecuadorian Pharmaceutical Laboratory with international Projections, engaged in the production, drug research and innovation for health.

    In the last 14 years with the company has achieved continuous development both nationally and internationally. PharmaBrand also has FARMACID SA also has a processing plant drugs in first class technology, with a broad product line of the highest quality, and especially with a team of highly trained and committed staff to leading the pharmaceutical market in the region.

    PharmaBrand is the fastest growing Laboratory in Ecuador in the last four years and we are currently exporting products to various countries like USA, Chile and Bolivia. The projections in the near future are to get our products to other markets such as Mexico, Peru and Colombia.

    PharmaBrand Laboratories is a pioneer nationally in research and development of new dosage forms, the same that have already received the necessary Patents, and are now available to all Ecuadorians.

    Our commitment is to provide quality products at low costs, where possible using the natural resources of Ecuador an Amazonian country, as well as channel through its team of Ecuadorian scientists, biochemists and pharmacists a continuous research development; to ensure the search for new formulations, which allow more innovation in the Ecuadorian health.

    Our representatives, visitors, medical professionals are convinced of the quality of products PharmaBrand and feel qualified to expand on the properties and benefits thereof, all thanks to consistent support of our medical and scientific department, which further supports academic and research activities of the medical community.
    PharmaBrand is a company committed to the development and welfare of society, promotes projects linked to the most vulnerable sector, it is for this reason that our pharmaceutical permanently supports several foundations, schools, colleges and institutions of scarce resources through the donations of medicines, with the aim of boosting the health of the most vulnerable sectors of society.
    PharmaBrand also has a team of professionals who strive for the same objective and consolidating as an industry of prestige with a solid future through quality production that aims to lead and contribute to the country and the health of all Ecuadorians.






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EN QUITO. Avenida Ilaló 1048 entre Conocoto y San Rafael. EN GUAYAQUIL. Av. Joaquin Orrantia 14 NE y Dr. Leopoldo Benitez. Edificio Trade Building. Piso 5. Oficina. 538-539