PharmaBrand SA has an area of Research and Development, responsible for developing new product formulations applying technology and raw material of the highest quality to ensure the welfare of patients. No doubt this area is critical because we are constantly working on new research projects that seek to address the medical needs in the country with testing and validation in order to develop products that meet all quality standards internationally. 

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The multidisciplinary team, in constant and dynamic technological upgrading, innovation geberates products that have allowed the achievement of patents at the local and international levels; vision of R & D is to seek the best alternative to provide comfort to the patient; strategically linking basic research and clinical development, integrating the needs of the medical world, to give efficient to challenges caused by various pathologies answers.
At this stage R & D focuses on sophisticated analysis regarding products and raw materials consulted by other companies, synergism with different areas helps maintain a clear focus in the pharmaceutical world

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EN QUITO. Avenida Ilaló 1048 entre Conocoto y San Rafael. EN GUAYAQUIL. Av. Joaquin Orrantia 14 NE y Dr. Leopoldo Benitez. Edificio Trade Building. Piso 5. Oficina. 538-539