• Products

    PHARMABRAND S.A has made available to the medical community and all Ecuadorians a wide range of pharmaceutical products aimed to satisfy the medical existing needs.
    Our commitment is to provide quality products, that is why we have a quality control department which ensures quality at all times, from the raw materials, processed controls, quarantine, finished product and stability, complying with Pharmacopoeia United States and with the European Pharmacopoeia.

    Laboratories PharmaBrand also pioneered nationally in research and development of new dosage forms, the same that have already received the necessary Patents, and within reach of all Ecuadorians.

  • Divisions

    The PharmaBrand Laboratory is organized by specialized divisions in each therapeutic area therefore we deliver specialized services directed to Doctors, this way we achieve greater innovation and flexibility in the implementation of our business strategy.

    ico text División consumo

    med 1Through this division PharmaBrand seeks to produce lifestyle changes that promote healthy living of the population. Its current product portfolio considers OTX and OTC categories.

    Provides consumers counter products aimed to the responsible health self-care, therapeutic areas are influenza, liver protective, sweeteners, vitamin C and multivitamins

    Gives focus to deliver effective and high quality products in the areas of health solutions ethical products. Our treatment options include eye drops, analgesics, calcium, antacids, antipyretics, topical nasal decongestants and mucolytic expectorant.

    ico text División Pharma

    med 2The Pharma division specializes in the research, development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of branded pharmaceuticals, used to treat diseases and conditions of the patient in a wide variety of therapeutic areas.
    It is the division specializing in ethical drugs, ie products should be sold under prescription, and therefore are administered under medical prescription.
    PharmaBrand has a wide range of innovative and quality products that makes available to patients, doctors and health organizations to provide appropriate treatment for the patient.


    ico text Pharma 1 (Cardiometabolic Care)

    It is specialized in cardiometabolic products division. It has a portfolio of over 8 brands effective in controlling diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and dyslipidemia. Our therapeutic alternatives are innovative and high quality products that focus their actions in the fields of Cardiology, Endocrinology, Internal Medicine and General Medicine.

    ico text Pharma 2 (Acute Pain Division)

    It is the pain specialist products division. With a portfolio of over 15 brands provides therapeutic treatment for inflammation and pain associated with acute or chronic conditions, musculoskeletal both visceral level as level alternatives. The products focus their actions in the fields of Orthopedics, Internal Medicine, Gynecology and General Medicine.

    ico text Pharma 3 (Línea General)

    It is specialized in pediatric, digestive, hepatoprotective and obesity control products division. With a portfolio of over 14 brands provides therapeutic alternatives through innovative, high quality products, focusing their actions on specialties: Pediatrics, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine and General Medicine.


    ico text División Institucional

    It is the division responsible for providing direct services to institutional and public clients of the products awarded through the National Institute of Public Procurement (INCOP) and ordering them is done through public catalog shopping and Annual Plan

    ico text División Veterinaria

    It is a new division that ventures into the Ecuadorian market, specializing in veterinary products, animal protection and improvement in the health of various species with all quality standards for human products are developed.
    PharmaBrand offers veterinarians, farmers and pet owners, a new line of products for animal protection against the most common infections and infestations, keeping free of disease.
    The PharmaBrand products have high level of effectiveness and safety in animal health below some of our products in injectable solution:

    - DOMECTIN (doramectina)
    - TERRIVET L.A (oxitetraciclina de larga acción)
    - VERMICID (ivermectina)
    - FERROCID (hierro dextrano + vitamina B12)
    - VETERVIT (vitaminas A,D3, E)



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