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    pat 1PharmaBrand Ecuador is a pioneer at national level in research and development, counts with medical and therapeutic inventions to treat and prevent illness. Our team of scientists, biochemists and pharmacists looks for Ecuadorian scientific excellence edge technologies that allow us to be at the forefront of the discovery and development of new therapeutic inventions to help people feel better, and allow us to keep more innovation in the Ecuadorian health.


    Our first patent received with the developing Artrox, dispersible anti-inflammatory for fast relief of pain, to dissolve in the mouth, is absorbed without affecting the stomach and is already available to Ecuadorians.


    The second patent was created by the discovery of a regenerative cells of the skin and is prepared on the basis of the Ecuadorian Sierra plants having anti acne and skin regenerative properties.


    The third discovery, patent granted in Ecuador, is an Amazonian plant extract that increases the natural defenses of the human body and has been used for three or four years, in patients with breast and prostate cancer.



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